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Pre-Tan Planning:

If tanning for a special event or occasion, we recommend scheduling your custom airbrush a day or two before. Our tanning solution contains cosmetic bronzers to give you immediate natural looking color, however the best tan develops post rinse, 8-12 hours after application. We often suggest tanning the evening before an event and waiting until morning to rinse off the bronzing solution if possible.

Need a tan in a hurry?

Upgrade to our Rapid Developing Solution for a perfect bronze that you can rinse in just 2 hours!

Exfoliate and Shave:

It’s extremely important to start with a fresh, clean layer of skin. Exfoliating will ensure a longer lasting, more even tan. Be sure to avoid oil based products and focus on rough areas, like the knees and elbows. We also recommend avoiding Dove bar soap prior to tanning as it can leave a residue that prevents even application. Ask about our skin renewing Infinity Sun Exfoliant!

No Makeup or Lotion:

The day of your spray tan, avoid any lotions, perfumes, or deodorants. Excess oils can prevent absorption during application. If tanning your face, you will also want to remove makeup (eye makeup is okay).

What to Wear:

You may tan in as much or as little as you like. We've seen it all! We can also provide disposable tops and bottoms if you'd prefer.

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What to Wear:

You will be safe to dress immediately after your tan. It is recommended that you wear loose-fitting clothing though to prevent rubbing and uneven wear until after your first shower. Please be aware that the tanning solution contains a cosmetic bronzer that may transfer to your clothing. It is unlikely, but there is a risk of staining. This risk goes away after your first shower.

Stay Dry:

The longer you can wait to rinse off, the better your spray tan will develop. We recommend waiting 8-12 hrs (2-4 hrs if using the rapid development solution) before showering or getting wet for the best color. Sweating can also cause streaking in your initial bronze, so avoid the gym and other strenuous activity until after your first shower.

Gentle Cleansing:

Use a gentle cleanser and avoid exfoliating until you are ready for your next tan. Exfoliating encourages skin renewal and should only be done pre-tan.


Hydrated skin will hold a spray tan longer. Moisturize twice daily with an alcohol free lotion. Lotions containing a small amount of DHA will help extend your tan an additional 3-5 days. Ask about our line of Infinity Sun after tan care products!